CorporatePresident’s Message

President’s Message


ALFAPEN yönetim kurulu başkanı

ALFAPEN Plastik İnş Tic.AŞ

Chairman of the Executive Board: Mehmet Arslantaş


I have seen that there is nothing that people cannot reach when they work properly in trade sector. There are a lot of things that people learn both from past and today. If you shut your ears to past and try to understand the future, you cannot build strong bases. I am open to learning. There is no limit for learning to me. So, I am always curious about opinions of people and I try to listen to them as best as I can. I am not contented with the subjects about my job only; I also care to have opinions about goings-on except my job. To make the success permanent and sustainable, we should not focus on one-day successes except these principles.

As ALFAPEN, we will continue to progress with sound and firm steps in 2013. We hope that our twenty-first year will provide us new successes. Our purposes are to give weight more to export and try to add new customers for our company by proceeding to attend international structure fairs in 2013 which we attended in 2012. To increase domestic market share, we will restructure Istanbul region and we will also try to increase our sales in Istanbul by going into action with a new team. We have started to work on TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) and housing estates in Ankara and Van by activating our window production facility which is our new invest. We also aim to give answer to necessities and demands of the sector by winning new tenders.

I believe that being successful both in working and private life, net and accessible targets should be determined and being resolute to carry out these targets. As ALFAPEN, we determine the expectations of our dealers and improve our products and services in this direction. Our new products and brands come out as a result of these works. If we understand that both innovativeness and sustainability are important and if we meet the expectations of our dealers, I believe that we can increase our competitive power in the market and gain new dealers.

It is important to be successful in working life but maintaining this success is more important. I recommend for our children an honest and active trading within the frame of steady and realistic program.

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